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We pride ourselves on our experties and specialise in natural healthy food for Cats and Dogs. Many of our lines are cheaper even than the 'Supermarket Brands' as we call them.


Have a look at what you are feeding your pet and please, READ THE INGREDIENTS. There is a good chance that you will be unpleasantly surprised to learn in the case of Cats and Dogs that the actual meat content of that food is "4% meat and animal derivatives". 4%!!! This, remember is food for animals that are largely carnivorous. We doubt anybody will be too happy about the idea of feeding their pet a meat and animal "DERIVATIVE" - defined as food unfit for human concumption. It's worded vaguely for a reason. Beaks, feet and eyes are all animal derivatives. Your guess is as good as ours when it comes to what goes in that bag or tin of 'food'. Of course to make this 'food' taste better, artificial flavourings, salt and sugar is often added to make it more paletable.


But rest assured, there is a solution. In fact there are many. We have a wide range of natural 'biologically appropriate' food, with everything from 18.5% to 80% real meat! With no nasties. No artifical additives or flavourings. No added salt or sugar. Our most popular line consists of 26% meat, rice and vegetables and is available for £1.79 per kg - OR EVEN - the new 50% meat - grain free range from only £2.90/kg


Reassuringly good food at a very reasonable price!


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