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First opened in Ringmer's Shopping Precinct on the 14th of May 2005 by mother and son team Vanessa & Gregg Leon. It remains an independant, family run business and has evolved and expanded over the years.


In August 2007 The Pet Store moved a few doors along to a premesis in a more prominent position. In 2011 and again in 2016 underwent a series extensions which have dramatically improved the shop.


We pride ourselves on our expertise and our reputation for promoting natural healthy pet food at surprisingly low prices. Cheaper even than most of the standard food on the market. Best known for our unbranded Dog and Cat Foods. With up 75% real, human grade Meat, with fruit and veg added. Natural, no artificial additives, hypo-allergencic, grain, wheat & gluten free.


What do you feed your pet? Please read the ingredients. There's a good chance it says "4% meat and animal derivatives". With lots of sugar (various sugars or beet pulp) and additivates to make it taste better. Compare that to the unbranded range we offer - available from £1.79/kg that we source directly from one of largest the manufacturers in Europe (which is very likely to be the same place where your branded food is being produced and packaged). No Wholesaler. No distributor. No branding. No marketing budget. No sponsored events. No sales reps with BMW's and iPad's. All of which you are paying for in the price of your branded food. Which is why it is so much cheaper to go unbranded.

You can contact any member of our team by:

Telephone - 012732 812732

E-mail - info@thepetstore-ringmer.co.uk




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Creature Comforts - The Pet Store - Ringmer, Lewes, East Sussex

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